JP Nutrition private coaching.

Want to work with me 1-on-1 to get the most bang for your buck? My private nutrition coaching is the golden ticket to quick results and body confidence.

JP Nutrition private coaching
I’m Jen - a Nutrition Coach and a Pharmacist

How does all this sound?

  • Lose up to 12lbs IN 12 WEEKS
  • Gain CONTROL around food
  • Curb CRAVINGS and comfort eating
  • Get CONFIDENT in and out of clothes

View the testimonials at the bottom of the Homepage to see how people, just like you, have already taken the step to success.

This is much more than food coaching. With the 3 pillars of the JP Nutrition Coaching Programme, you’ll overcome all the frustrating stuff that’s been holding you back. And you’ll finally get results you never thought possible:

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Mindset
  • Accountability

How does it work?


Apply for coaching by booking a preliminary enquiry call.

At this stage there’s no pennies spent (and no expectation to either). This is purely a chance to get to know each other. We’ll talk through your goals, experiences, and I’ll run through how the programme works.

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The set up

OK, you’re in - welcome to the Team! What happens now?
Once I’ve received your sign-up form and food diary via my JP Nutrition Coaching Hub app (available on iPhone and Android), we’ll hop on Zoom for our first coaching call. This is where it all begins. We’ll set your goals in stone, and most importantly go through your personal roadmap to reach them!


Regular support

Support and accountability are invaluable assets of coaching. Some coaches will give you your plan then leave you to it – giving no real sh*ts about you or your health.
This won’t happen here. I pride myself on giving an extraordinary level of support, so you stay motivated, on track, and never have to worry about hitting a plateau. We’ll have regular catch ups, further video calls, and I’m on the end of WhatsApp whenever you need me.
Be prepared to celebrate every little win and accomplishment, and overcome any struggles with your very own nutrition coach in your pocket.

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Sound good?

If you like the sound of NO more dieting, no feast/famine cycles and no feeling guilty after eating your favourite foods… AND you want to get in the shape of your life..
JP Nutrition is for you