JP Nutrition coaching FAQs.

What results can I expect? Those I work with 1-to-1 typically lose up to 12lbs in 12 weeks – some more, some less. Results are very much individual and situation-dependant.

One thing I guarantee is an increased confidence in how you carry yourself, how you feel around others, and how you feel making food choices. You’ll gain control around foods you previously cut out, and find you can finally stay consistent from weekday through to weekend and back again – as you nail that ‘balance’ thing once and for all.

I’m Jen - a Nutrition Coach and a Pharmacist

Will I have to give up any foods, or alcohol?
Absofrickinlutely NOT. We focus on what you can add to your diet, not what to take away. Cutting foods/drinks out is a common mistake people make on a weight loss journey, and it’s a mistake we’ll be preventing here (unless I find out you’re a secret alcoholic, of course…)

Will I have to follow a meal plan?
Meal plans are only useful in very specific or exceptional circumstances, in my coaching opinion. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely this will be a strategy we use.

Do I have to go to the gym?
You can get remarkable results without exercising or stepping foot in a gym altogether, however this wouldn’t be the most optimal approach for weight loss. I generally recommend training anywhere between 2-5 times per week, with a combination of both resistance and cardiovascular exercise for best results. This isn’t mandatory though.

Will I have to track my foods?
Some clients track and others (most) don’t. Both get great results, and ultimately, it’s down to you as an individual whether this could be a useful tool in the toolbox. We will discuss options and our agreed action plan within the set-up call.

How do I know you can help me?
I’ve helped many others just like you. Have a gander at the wonderful Testimonials on the homepage and see what you think.