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Stay on track at your next meal out

Many people worry when it comes to a meal out or a takeaway:
‘”I don’t want to lose my progress”
“When I eat out, I go a bit crazy and go off track”

Remove all worries and sit back to enjoy the occasion with this guide that helps you stay in the groove, whilst making food and drink choices you’ll enjoy.

Level up your training with my 3 top nutrition tips

(Bulk Powders Supplements Co. – JP Nutrition Featured Article)

Apply these key principles of nutrition to your training and feel your energy, performance and recovery (and your motivation!) skyrocket.

Tackle comfort eating and the binge/restrict cycle

Get clear on exactly why you overeat (binge) and more importantly, how to put a stop to it. These 5 simple steps will help you gain the balance and control around food you’ve been yo-yoing with for too long.

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